Eligibility for residency at Colonnade will be based on a priority ranking system with preference given to Stanford faculty, employees and affiliates.

Rental programs apply to a broader range of employment categories. All faculty and staff are eligible for certain rental housing programs. Please refer to the Rental Housing Programs Eligibility Criteria document for more information.

Important Notice

Nothing on this site or in the documents it contains should be construed as an offer or commitment of any kind. Programs and eligibility requirements can be changed or discontinued without notice.

1st Priority - employed by Stanford or SLAC

  • 1a. Faculty
    Faculty and N11 Staff employed by Stanford University, including SLAC and VA, and Senior Fellows members of the Academic Council at Special Policy Centers and Institutes (e.g. Institute for International Studies and Hoover Institution). Also includes acting and visiting faculty.
  • 1b. Public Safety Officers employed by Stanford.
  • 1c. Other Staff

Staff employed by Stanford University or SLAC.

2nd Priority

  • 2a. Stanford Hospital & Clinics (SHC)
    SHC employees. Includes medical residents and interns.
  • 2b. Visiting Fellows
    Visiting fellows employed at Stanford. Includes visitors to Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS).
  • 2c. Employed on Stanford Lands
    Others employed on Stanford Lands. Includes Stanford Shopping Center, Welch Road, and Research Park employees.

3rd Priority

  • 3. All other households who do not meet the criteria for priorities one or two.

Qualifying Employment: must be employed at least 30 hours per week (75% FTE) at or above the minimum wage during the entire lease term. Lease term cannot exceed duration of Qualifying Employment.