Common Areas


Here are some of the most common questions regarding leasing and applications, pets, WiFi, parking, and guests. If you'd like any other information, contact the leasing office anytime — we're always happy to provide answers.


Do all leaseholders (residents over 18) have to be eligible?

There must be at least one original leaseholder that is fully eligible and employed by Stanford University or Stanford Healthcare on the lease agreement at all times. Roommates do not need to be eligible. However, any requested change in roommate assignment must be approved by Management. When the original leaseholder(s) vacate the unit, all occupants subsequently added to the lease must vacate the unit.

What if my position at Stanford becomes part-time?

If you are at least 75% FTE you will remain eligible. If you fall below 75% FTE you will no longer be eligible to renew your lease.

What if I resign or retire?

Each household will be re-certified annually. Please note, upon retirement a resident will no longer qualify for lease renewal.

What about rent increases?

If you sign a lease, rents are guaranteed for the duration of the lease term. At least 30 days before renewal, rent changes will be announced. The only rent increases that are restricted are those for the BMR (Below Market Rate) homes which are limited to the guidelines set forth by the city.

Pets & WiFi

Where can I walk my dog?

See our pet policies and "For Pets" page for a list of nearby dog parks. We have provided pet stations along the exterior of the building. All dogs must be on a leash. Please clean up after your dog.

Is WiFi offered within the community?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available in all the amenity areas. To connect:

1. Connect to “Colonnade Free” from network list
2. Open your Web browser (you will be directed to Colonnade Apartments Welcome page)
3. Agree with the Terms and Conditions and click “Accept”

Parking & Guests

Parking policy?

See our full parking policies.

How many parking spaces do we get?

Each apartment home is assigned one parking space in the subterranean parking garage. Any secondary cars will have access to the gated open access parking in the lower parking level.

I have special needs. What should I do?

Residents with special needs should make an appointment with the Leasing Office to discuss their situation.